Ladder Shelf

Many people who have just move their new houses or rearrange their house interior strugle to decide how ther are going to organize their stuff. Some may possibly expend weeks or even months taking out the furniture or having things put into the proper place in a way which suits to their personal taste.

We introduce our new product Ladder Shelf, is one great space saver which applies the vertical wall space in your house; this simple piece of furniture can make your dwelling looking clean and well organized in no time.

Code                : OTC 246
Product Size        : H200 x W46,6 x D50 CM
Packing             : Carton Box

Material    : Reclaimed Old Teak Wood,
              FSC-certified teak, water repellent              
Finish      : Water Base - Natural Finish

Minimum Order   : 1 x 20'
Payment Term    : TT 50% DP
LC Irrevocable confirmed at sight